Info-On Information Solutions, established in 2001, and incorporate in 2004. Info-On deals with competitive intelligence and Information Reselling. Info-On provides its clients with up to date information regarding target markets, market trends and competitive analysis of technology, products and business activities. Info-On carries out ongoing quality control of processes and products, and thus commit to providing effective solutions. Amongst Info-On customers are some of the leading companies in the Israeli economy, including industrial, commercial and service firms, as well as banks and government institutions.

Info-On delivers its research to clients through Special Information Reports and Surveys, that focus on five categories:

  • Companies
  • Countries
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Technologies

Itzhak Besserglick, the General Manager of Info-On has experience in the Information Business, dating from 1985. He served as manager of the Competitive Intelligence Unit of D&B (Israel), and most recently he served as manager of IDC Custom Research (Israel) In this position he supplied hundreds of surveys to a satisfied customer group.